About Harrow Willow Club.


Harrow Early Risers, as the club was originally called, was formed in the summer of 2008. An idea which formed over a casual conversation between Renga and Suraj led to the birth of the club. It was all for fun and it was this original element which would eventually become the soul of our cricket club. For the founders of this club, a group of eight friends; namely Renganathan Sankar, Suraj Ramaprasad, Narayan Ramanujan, Sathya Vishwanathan, Dorai Subramaniam, Shankar Dandapani, Hari Narayan and Karthik Sivasankaran; passion for cricket was the common DNA imprint. These eight players played the very first game for the club.


Early sessions in 2008 was played on a beaten track in a wild Kingsbury ground. Narayan’s regular route to work through the Harrow Recreation Ground and its historical charm gave us another option to consider and his further efforts saw the club moving to its present venue and a much better and professionally managed ground where cricket has been played for over a 100 years.

Eventually eight became four and these 4 players; Suraj, Sathya, Narayan and Renga formed the core group and stand as the four pillars of the club to date. Renga’s zeal and initiative and the efforts of this core group saw tremendous progress being made in the first four years and the club being professionally managed. The club was eventually christened Harrow Willow Club to give it a unique identity with a vision to establish the club as an excellent replica luxury watches opportunity and platform for cricket lovers in North West London. It was at this stage that the club’s operational responsibility was passed onto a new team of budding and enthusiastic members.

Amit Bhardwaj and Rajneesh Subbaraman have since then contributed towards increasing the quality of the game and successfully promoted the club to broaden the membership base. Venkat Chandrashekar and Sadiq Quasim have been instrumental in efficient and effective operation and club’s consistent growth and its replica watches membership has ballooned to its current level of 35 active members and still attracting passionate and talented sportsmen.


The Governance team see the following actions as a natural progression for the club.

  • Regular fitness regime for club members
  • Continued and consistent approach to improve quality of cricket; this includes identifying player strengths and weaknesses and create a personal development programme to improvise skill levels
  • Enlarge and expand the social network of all watch replicas members to benefit the community at large
  • Offer a ‘Cricket plus’ value proposition to existing members and sponsors
  • Create a platform for budding young aspirants with the formation of HWC Boys and Youth team




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