Cricket Season 2018

02 Apr 2018

Welcome to the 11th edition of HWC, the season like many earlier ones have new and improved themes, elevating the quality of HWC Cricket. Please take time to go through!

Season Start

The first day of the season starts on 06th May 2018 and the last game is on 16th Sep 2018.

Internal Games – A New Era

After an overwhelming support from our members, we shall be shifting our internal games from morning to the afternoon and play a maximum of 40 overs games. We have managed to secure three grounds this season - North Wembley, P&H and Northwick Park pitches.

We are awaiting the exact dates as to where we will play our games; we will update our website once we receive the final confirmation.

Games & Teams

HWC will play its four teams for the 2018 season. The Division 5 will be the best team, followed by second team representing the Division 6 for the MPCL (Middlesex Premier Cricket League). The internals, played between HWC Tigers & Lions continue to be our flagship games for fun, opportunity and elevation to the league games.

Selection Committee

Year on year, we have progressed our game standards to a competitive level; it’s imperative to introduce a transparent selection framework. As a first step, we have formed a 4-member selection committee, comprising of two captains from the league teams, one morning team captain and 1 Core Committee Member. Further, we have compiled a Selection Procedure document, which shall remain as guideline for the team selection for the League and Internal Games, the details of which will be discussed in the pre-season meeting and will be made available in our website for our members.

New Memberships

HWC, like any other year is keen to admit new members and Amit Bhardwaj is our lead here. We would like you to introduce your friends and refer them to Amit for any additional information.

Membership Contribution

Basis the requirement to have two different pitches for our Internal and League games, the contribution for the current season has been fixed as below. The Club has also introduced a concessional contribution for the younger members.

1.Full Membership Contribution - £ 175/- per member
2.Under 21 Membership Contribution - £ 100/- per member

The Club will continue to facilitate Spot Memberships, to accommodate our members who wouldn’t be able to play the full season, considering their personal circumstances. The permanent members will have priority over the spot members for Internal Games. The eligibility to play for league games are restricted to Permanent Members only.

It’s our endeavour to keep healthy budget and financials and to ensure that we are better prepared before the start of the season we urge all members to pay their contribution latest by 15th April 2018. The contribution can be now remitted to the Club’s account directly.

Pre-Season Meeting

We have scheduled the Pre-Season Meeting on 28th April 2018 between 18:30 Hrs and 19:30 Hrs at Harrow High School, the same venue where we conduct our Winter Net Sessions. The members are recommended to attend to get a glimpse of the season’s new initiatives.

Cricket Whites

We have received a new set of cricket whites for our members. Team whites include, Shirt, Trousers, Jumper and the cap. The members would need to pay for the cricket whites, which is £30, which is over and above the subscription amount.

We are aware that we couldn’t supply the cricket whites to our members from whom have collected the funds last year, due to the supplier issue. We have requested to members to contact Rajneesh (one-on-one) to get their whites. We regret the inconvenience in this matter and appreciate the member’s patience when the club was dealing with the issue.

A link to register your request for Cricket Whites will be shared separately.

Personal Kits

Effective 2018, HWC management has withdrawn the provision of kits for our members (guest as well as permanent) considering the health and hygiene issues. We have also decided to fair-price our team kits for the members and few of our members have already exercised this option. We would request all our new and existing members to purchase their own personal kit.

The Club will provide the stumps and wicket-keeping gear. Over the years, many of our members have volunteered to support the Kit Management and we would like to thank them for their support.

Volunteers & Game-Owners

As said earlier, the growth of HWC was possible by the unconditional support and volunteering of our members. This year, the games will be played at three different locations and that may demand extensive coordination and logistical support. Organising these games are entirely dependent on execution support from the members as per the plans drawn by the HWC Committee. We appreciate if members could share their willingness to the captains, highlighting their strengths and skills, that can complement to meet the game objectives on a given day. More hands, better the success.

Family Event

We would like to bring-in our families together as part of the Family Day celebrations. We are in the initial stages of the planning and the members are requested to speak to the Captains with their ideas and their willingness to support this event.

Let’s start our prayers to have every Sunday as a Sunny day, to sustain a Healthy Wellbeing with Cricket, that’s why named ourselves, HWC!!!




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Cricket Season 2018

Welcome to the 11th edition of HWC, the season like many earlier ones have new and improved themes, elevating the quality of HWC Cricket. Please take time to go through!

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